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Another weekend here and gone, and it’s finally feeling like spring! I can’t help but smile each time I walk outside and it’s actually pleasant out. So on my way home to a relaxing night in, I picked up a fresh bunch of tulips and a Mast Brothers chocolate bar to celebrate.

We spent a rainy Friday night watching Saving Mr. Banks (finally!), and Saturday shopping for tuxes for the wedding. The tux store was not glamorous, but I’m really thrilled with the look we picked out. All these little details are finally coming together and I can really visualize what the day is going to look like… I can’t wait! On Sunday, we made our debut at the driving range where I tried to pick my swing back up from last summer. I still have a lot of work today before I can compete with my Fiancé on the course, but I’m at least starting to make consistent contact with the ball! The weekend came to a close with coffee and churros at a new(er) restaurant in Ann Arbor, which was the perfect treat.

weekend treats.

weekend treats.

b's grand debut at the range.

b’s grand debut at the range.

café and churros.

café and churros.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and a great week ahead! xx

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