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It’s been a little more than two years since I returned from my first trip to Europe. My desire to return gets stronger with every passing month and if all goes well, I’ll be heading back next fall. To satiate my longing until then, I often find myself looking up images of quaint villages, grand châteaux and seaside escapes all over the globe, letting my imagination go wild.

Mix that with the fact that I’m a believer in fairy tales and still wish on stars, you might imagine how blown away I was when I stumbled upon this

Château de Burnand, or “Le château de la belle au bois dormant” (the castle of Sleeping Beauty).

This is Château de Burnand, tucked away in the middle of Burgundy, France. The B&B is also commonly called “le château de la belle au bois dormant,” or Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This image alone could spark day dreams for days.

Oh, and it’s also on the market.

Can you imagine!?

…Prince Phillip?